Activate your media player using the activation code


The activation code is active for two hours and is then replaced with a new and can't be used anymore. To generate a new activation code you may have to restart the screen or media player. 

Activate your media player

After the setup of the media player the following picture will be shown on the monitor. 

Installation guides  for all media player can be found here

Please note that the activation code shown in the picture below is only an example. 


There are two different ways to activate your media player. 
Either you add a new location and add the screen to that or you use a location that is already created. Click the tabs below to choose.

Create location and activate Activate to an existing location 
  1. Log in to your PLAYipp account.
    You can log in here.
  2. Click Add screens down to the right.
  3. Enter a screen name and adress for the screen.
    Locations are created to easily identify which screen you publish to. One screen location is connected to one screen. 
  4. Add the screen layout that that you want to use or create a new.
    You can read about screen layouts and how to create your own layout here.
  5. Choose if the screen location shall be part of a screen group or not.
    You can read about screen groups, screen locations and sections here.
  6. Choose Activate new player and enter the activation code shown on the monitor and then click Save.
  7. Click save and exit.

Activation is completed!

The activation is completed and the screen is ready for use. Guides about how to publish content can be found in the help center here.

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