Philips D-Line - Configuration of Network

Configuration of Ethernet Configuration of Wifi

If no wifi is connected the screen will connect to Ethernet automatically 

  1. Press Home + 1888 fast on the remote. You may need to pull out the IR receiver on the backside of the monitor.

  2. Chose network
  3. Chose Ethernet.device-2017-06-14-114434.png
  4. Verify that Ethernet is enabled.  When it is enabled the screen will connect if there is no additional network configuration needed as static ip-addresses or such.  

  5. Press the back button 3 times. 

    If The media player is activated in PLAYipp manager the connected content will download and then be shown on the screen. If the media player is not activated in PLAYipp manager a activation code will be displayed on the screen,screenshot.png
    Read the article about Activation code for information about how you activate the unit with a activation code.
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