Philips T-Line 10" - Installation of PLAYipp software

This article is about how to update and install the PLAYipp software on a built-in media player in the PHILIPS T-Line 10" screen.


Installation guide

STEP 1: 


The USB memory must be formatted in FAT32!
Download the PLAYipp / PHILIPS media player software place it on the USB memory. The latest software version can be found here. The file must be called "" and be zipped!
If Safari is used the setting "Open Safe Files" must be turned off in Safari. This setting is found under Settings > General.


  1. Insert the USB memory into any USB port on the PHILIPS screen.

  2. Press in the big button on the back side of the screen and click down 6 times.

  3. In the PHILIPS T-Line menu. Go to About > Local update >

If all is done correctly an activation code will appear on the screen.
Read Activate your media player using the activation code on how to activate your media player using the activation code.


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