Heartbeat - Create a media player monitoring list


Heartbeat is a feature where you can create heartbeat lists of all connected media players in your account. All media players included in a heartbeat list report if they encounter any errors, such as the media player can not connect to the network, and report this to selected users' email addresses.

Create a heartbeat list

  1. Select Heartbeat from the main menu by clicking Menu > Heartbeat. If this option does not appear in the menu, you do not have the right to view this feature in PLAYipp Manager. If you would be able to use this feature contact your administrator for your account.

  2. Create a new Heartbeat list by clicking the + button in the upper right corner.eng_create_list.png

  3. Name: Give the Heartbeat list a name (for example, where the media players are placed or who are responsible for them)
  4. Contact count: number of mail reminders for every media player that goes offline 
  5. Down time limit: The time a media player must be offline before being reported as broken. This time limit should be at least 20 minutes when interference in wireless communication can occur.
  6. Heartbeat active: During which days the monitoring of selected media players should be active.
  7. Notice from / Notice until: Between which times the error reporting e-mails should be sent to heartbeat users
  8. Add contact: Which users who shall be informed if a media player has been reported as broken.eng_settings_list.png

  9. Email: Add user's email addresses. These users get information about when a media player has been reported as broken.
  10. Media players: Select which media players to be included in the heartbeat list and should be monitored.

  11. Include: Click the include check box to include that media player in the current heartbeat list.
  12. Structure: Choose between groups, places and layouts.
  13. Save: Save and activate the heartbeat list.


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