The feature priority can be used if you want to schedule one or more objects to appear on your screen for a specific period of time instead of your regular objects in the playlist. You can use the feature priority and schedules together. If you want to show a lunch menu between 10-13 on weekdays or information about a fire drill on Friday for example. 

With priority you are only showing the active objects with the highest priority level. If the object is removed or the schedule is ended the priority level will drop to the next priority level with active objects.

You can set a lower priority level on an object. This can be good if you always set a schedule on your objects. If the schedule has ended on all of the standard objects you have an object as a fallback. 

  1. To change the priority level on an object click on the object meny (... -button) and choose "Edit priority"
  2. Choose the priority level in the drop down list.
  3. When you have changed a priority level on an object the playlist will be divided in parts with indicators showing which objects are active or inactive.Screen_Shot_2018-01-03_at_10.31.46.png


By default there are three priority levels:

Standard: The default level of new objects.

High: One step higher than standard.

Fallback: One step lower than standard. 

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