Create a Input source and publish a Input Widget

Add, configure and publish the information in an Input

This article goes through on how to create an Input and present the information from that Input through an Input Widget.

Creating an Input is an easy way to collect information from the business and present it in one area of ​​one or more screens simultaneously. Everyone can be an Input user and update the information in an Input and thus the information in an Input widget. An Input user does not need to log in to PLAYipp Manager but can update the information through links sent in given intervals to certain email addresses. This article goes through step by step how to set up an Input, Invite Input Users, and how to present the Input source information through different Widgets.

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Create a Input

  1. Step 1

    Click "Create New Input" from the main menu under the Content section. If this option does not appear, you do not have permission to create a new Input.

  2. Step 2

    Follow the wizard step by step to create a new Input. The following inputs can be created:



A Blog Input collects blog posts from Input users. Entries can be viewed through a blog widget. A blog input can be used to collect events for different departments of a company, or people out in the field can report interesting events. Each blog post can contain text, image and sender.
A Target value Input collects the current value for a specific KPI or target that can be measured by a value. All values ​​collected from Input users can be presented in a variety of ways through the target value widgets. The unit for a target value can be specified, eg 10,000 golf balls where 10,000 are the target number and "golf balls" is the unit.
A Notices Input collects information about what's happening in the business. Notices may be visitors coming certain days, deliveries, tasks to be performed, etc. Notices can be presented through a variety of calender type widgets.

There can only be one responsible contact for each created Input. Keep in mind that an Input can be presented differently through different Input widgets and used on different areas and in multiple layouts. The contact's data is inserted into each Input mail that goes out to an Input user. The intervals for an input mail are set in the wizard when creating a new Input. The contact also receives information if an Input user chooses to unsubscribe as a Input user. Each Input user unsubscribe by clicking on a link that accompanies each Input mail.



Each Input may have an unlimited number of Input users registered. Each Input user added to an Input will recive the following information via Email:

  • Invitation mail to current Input
  • Login to PLAYipp Manager. The Input user can only update the information in the current Input and can not perform or see any other information contained in the PLAYipp Manager account using the login function.
  • Input mail where the user is given the opportunity to update the information in an Input without having to log in to PLAYipp Manager. Each Input Mail contains a link that the user can click and update the information in an Input. The link stops working when a new Input mail, containing a new linki, is sent to the user.

If the Input user is registered on another PLAYipp Manager account and is also invited to the current Input, the Input user will first need to confirm that they also want to be a user on the new account and be involved as Input users. None of the three above mail will be sent to the Input user unless the user has confirmed that they also want to be a user on the new account.


Publish a Input-widget

Navigate to Main Menu> Publish > Select Location or Group > Select Area > Click + + Add new. Then select a widget that uses input as source under thw Widget option below.





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