Widgets is a category of content that automatically updates. Some widgets examples are Weather, clock & date, RSS feed  and calendars.

All widets are setup the sam way. So we are only going to show how you setup a clock & date widget below. There is, however 3 exceptions, Blog, Notices and Target value requires a source to to use. You can read more information about these sources here.

If You are missing a widget to a information system, economy system, incormation channel or other systems a unit widget can be made. If a unique widget is wanted contact your reseller or sublit a ticket to us so we can produce a proposal for this.

All Widgets is found by clicking on + add new when when you are inside of a playlist.

  1. Choose template
    When you have chosen a widget you will get a template to use. You will in the next step customize the the look of this template so it fits in with your colors and content.

  2. Customize the settings
    Now you can edit the settings of your widget. On the left side there is settings for every part of the widget that can be customized.
    The size of the preview to the right adapts to the size of the are you have chosen and can be different from de example below.

  3. Name and save
    Give you widget a name and choose a folder were the widget will be saved.

  4. Schedule
    You will now get the option to schedule when your widget will be shown. You can read mor about scheduleing here



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