FAQ - The screen don't receive any image signal

"My monitor does't show any picture, it only shows a message that it can't find a soure or no signal"

The following solutions can solve the above error:

  1. The screen is running, but the media player is not.
    (only applies to PLAYport and PLAYbox)
    Control that the Media player is switched on. It should be a led light that is lit. If no lights is lit try turning the unit of by unplugging the power cord and then reinstalling it.
  2. The picture cable is not connected correct.
    (only applies to PLAYport and PLAYbox)
    The cable between the media player and the monitor is not connected correct. Control that both connections are connected correct.

  3. The screen has a variety of image sources.
    Change the source on the monitor. To change source use the Input, Source, Or Menu -button on the remote. You may have to cycle through a few sources before finding the correct one. (e.g. HDMI1, HDMI2, etc.)

  4. The picture cable is defect.
    (only applies to PLAYport and PLAYbox)
    If none of the above solutions solves the problem the cable can be defective. It does't need to be any visible damage on the cable.
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