FAQ - The image on the screen is rotated


"The image on the screen is rotated, how can i fix it?"

The image can be rotated by following the steps below

  1. Find the mac-adress of the media player or if you know which location it is connected to in PLAYipp manager.
    (The macadress can be found on the underside of the media player and on the box)
    The Mac-adress have the format xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx and contains of both numbers and letters.

  2. Log in to your account and navigate to Menu > Media players.

  3. Find the media player that is rotated.
    This is easily done by the macadress that is unique for every media player. You can find the media player by the location that is connected, but you can have multiple media players connected to the same location
    (Tip: press CTRL+F / CMD+F to get a search bar in the webb browser)

  4. Press edit unit (the pen) to the right for the unit you want to rotate

  5. Check the "invert rotation" box and wait 1 - 10 minutes for the picture to rotate.
    The media player need to have a internet connection for this to work.
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