Activate Mobile view on an Android device

When you are invited to Mobile View you receive an e-mail or a text message with an activation code. Click on the link Download PLAYipp Mobile View here in the e-mail or open Google Play on your phone and search for PLAYipp Mobile View.


When you reach PLAYipp Mobile View in Google Play, click Install in order to download the app.


Open the app and click Go ahead to create a new Mobile View user.

Or Log in if you already have made a user in the app earlier.



Enter the activation code you have received through e-mail or text message, then click Activate.



Enter the e-mail adress or the phone number the activation code was sent to, then click Continue



Enter and confirm the password you want to use by entering the same password in both fields, then click Go ahead.



You have now registered your Mobile View user. Click Go ahead! to read the news that has already been published.



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