This article covers how to publish to Mobile View and how to set recipients for your published messages. Before getting started – make sure that you already have created your group structure and added users to your Mobile View channel. How to do so is covered in User Guide Mobile View: Structure & Users


Go to Click on Log in to PLAYipp button to the right in the top menu. Enter E-mail address and password. Then click Log in


When you have logged in you see the control panel:



The icons that are shown may vary from different users. Only the tools you have access to is shown. Your central administrator sets this access.

In this article we will work with

  • Publish (under under Mobile View).

This is the only menu option that is used for publishing and set recipients within your Mobile View channel.


Click publish to open the publisher view. To the left you will find your Structure. It consists of:

Mobile view Groups: All the Mobile View groups that you have created.

Recipients: All of the Mobile View accounts that you have added.


If you have already created a Temporary Mobile View group it will bee listed between Mobile View and Mobile View accounts.
A temporary Group is a way to create publish messages to a selection of recipients without creating a group. A temporary group is created when you select 1 or more recipients by selecting them with the check boxes. 

  1. Start by clicking on a Mobile View group or mark the recipients that you want to publish to.
  2. Click on messages if front is activated.
  3. To publish click add new.


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