PLAYbox - Media player set up

This article is about set up and install the PLAYbox with a monitor.

Wired Connection Wireless connection
  1. Plug In your PLAYbox Media player.It needs to be connected to the monitor with HDMI, a Ethernet connection to your network and be powered. 
  2. Change the source on the monitor until you see the media player starting up. To change source use the Input, Source, Or Menu -button on the remote. You may have to cycle through a few sources before finding the correct one. (e.g. HDMI1, HDMI2, etc.)
  3. The unit will start up and show 3 circles. If the circles are green then the unit have connection to PLAYipps servers.  if the circles are red restart the Media player. If 3 green circles still don't appear you need to troubleshoot your network connection. See our troubleshooting guide here
  4. If the picture "why am i seeing this?" is displayed you can read a article about it here.
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