A layout consist of one or more areas. Every area has its own playlist and in these playlists can the user  publish material that will be shown on the screen. There is a library with existing layouts to choose from or you can create your layout. If you create your own layout you can choose the placement and size of the areas. 

Before you can use your layout on your screen you need to create a location and connect it to your layout. For more information about how you create a location and how to connect it to your layout go to the following article.


Area: Every area has its own playlist..

Layout: A layout consist of one or more areas.

Base content: Every layout can contain base content. By publishing base content, all screens using this screen layout no matter the screen location or group will show it. Base content can be used to publish materials such as backgrounds, logos and similar to build a good design for your screen.

Add a new layout

    1. Add a new layout
      To create a new layout click on "Add screen layout"  in the left column.

    2. Choose a layout or create your own
      You can now pick some of our existing channels or to create a own.
      If you choose a existing layout you will give it a own name that shall reflect its area of ​​use. After that the layout is available on your account. 


    3. Create your own layout - settings
      If you choose to create your own layout you will need to specify some settings.

      Layout name: Enter a name for your layout


      Portrait: For screens mounted in Portrait mode when the screen has a full HD resolution 1080x1920 pixels.

      For screens mounted in Landscape mode when the screen has a full HD resolution 1920x1080 pixels.

      Custom: If you have screen that isn't full HD you can adjust the resolution of the layout here.
      Size: The resolution of the screen you got.
      Rotation: If you have a screen mounted in portrait you need to rotate the layout. All screens have the settings to show the picture in landscape mode.
      If the screen is rotated Clockwise while mounted you need to rotate the layout counter clockwise and vice versa.

      Background color: The layouts color that is behind all areas.

      Information: Add a information text for the layout.


  1. Create your own layout - Create areas 
    Every area that is created have its own playlist. Every playlist can be filled with content for example pictures, webb links, movies, feeds and widgets.

    Click the button "add area" to add a new area to your layout. You can have a unlimited number of areas in your layout. 

    When you add a area a blue box appears in the layout.
    The area can be moved everywhere inside the layout by moving the blue box. You can even enter the X & Y position the area top left corner shall have, where X=0 & Y=0 is in the top left corner on the layout. 
    The size can be changed through pulling the anchor points of the blue box or by enter size in pixels under size.

    The sound is deactivated on every area and its playlist by default. Activate the sound on the area by clicking "Sound activated".

    A area should be hidden if it contain designelements, watch, date, or logotype that shouldn't be changed so often. Hidden areas can be found inside publish but is grouped under "show hidden areas"

    An example of a completed layout with 4 areas.

Change between different layouts

For an existing layout you can connect further layouts. These can be scheduled to be shown different days or times
To connect layouts follow these steps: 

  1. Choose your layout
    Navigate to the layout that that you want to add the layout to.
    Then press Edit channel create_view.png

  2. Add view
    Press add View in the left column.create_view_2.png

  3. Choose a layour or create you own.
    You can now choose to use a pre build layout layout or create a new that we did earlier.

  4. Name your layout
    Give the new view a name. 
  5. Navigate to publish
    Go to the main menu and choose Publish then your screenlocation or group.

  6. Click on show all screen layouts
    Hover the mouse on the thumbnail of the layout and click on Show all screen layouts

  7. Schedule your new view
    Click on "Won't appear" under your new layout.
    There you will have the option to schedule when your second view shall be shown.
    You can read more about how scheduling working here
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