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Typeface & colors

In typefaces and colors you add or remove preset colors and choose which typefaces that are available to use in message templates.

If the typeface that you want to use is not in the list or if you want to use your own font you can send us a request to get it added to


Under typefaces you choose the available typefaces that can be used to create a message from a template. 

You can click on a typeface in the left column to get a preview in the middle. You can also change the default text in the box and get a preview in the outlined box. 



Add a typeface

To add a typeface on your account you hover the mouse on the name and click on the green plus sign (1) on the right of the name.


In the right column you can see all of your activated typefaces that can be used on your PLAYipp account. You will also find a red button (2) to remove a typeface if needed. 



Colors are used to set company colors to use when publishing messages. If you are an admin you can use a color picker to choose the color that you want when publishing a message. 


Add colors

Click "add color" and this menu will be displayed.


Here you choose the name on the color that you add and enter the color by hexcode or RGB (red, green and blue). You also get a preview of how the color will look on different backgrounds. To save the color when you are done press "save".


If you want to edit an existing color, click on the name in the left column.

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