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Typefaces and colors

In this meny you choose what typefaces and colors that are avaible to use in the quicknote editor..


I Color you choose the colors that are avaible to use in the quicknote editor.

Click add "add color" and this meny will be displayed.

Here you choose the name on the color that you add and enter the color by hexcode or RGB (red, green and blue). You also get a preview of how the color will look on different backgrounds. To save the color when you are done press "save"


If you want edit a existing color click it and same menu will be displayed



Under typefaces you choose the avaible typefaces that can be used inside of the quicknote editor.

Click a typeface to preview it. You can change the previewd text by writing your own text in the textbox on top. 


Add a typeface

To add a typeface on your account you hover the mouse on the name and click on the green plus sign on the right of the name.

In the rith column you have a list of all the acivated typefaces on your accont


If the typeface that you want to use is not avaible in the list or you use a special font you can mail for help 

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