Media players

In the menu for media players you can manage all your activated media players. You can change name, change location etc.

To check your internet connection on all media players click the "Show status report" button below the list! The media players IP-numbers are then also presented.



  1. Name. Optional. Change the name under option (10) below, the pencil symbol.
  2. Location. The location the media player is connected to.
  3. Layout. The layout the media player is connected to.
  4. Serial number. The media player serial number.
  5. MAC adress. The id that is used to identify the media player in the network. This MAC-adress is also written on a sticker on the media player.
  6. Type. The model of the media player.
  7. Time interval. How often the media player receives updates
  8. Limit the download speed at certen times. This can be used if you don't want the media player to use up bandwidth.
  9. Reboot schedule. Set a reboot schedule for when the media player shall reboot.
  10. Change the media player's location and / or layout. Change which location and / or layout the media player should be paired with. Locations and layouts are created under the Main Menu / Structure.

Under the media player list you have the following options


  1. Activate media player. This option can be used when you shall activate a new mediaplayer to your account
  2. Choose units. If you want to chanege multiple units at the same time you can make a quick selection here.
  3. Edit selected units. If you shall meka changes to multiple unit you can change multiple a the same time here.
  4. Show status report. Show a network status report of all selected media players.
  5. Reboot units. Reboots the selected media players.
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