In the meny option Screen list you can activate new screens to your account. See the status off all your screens. Manage and move to which screenlocation and screenlayout a screen is connected to.


To access the screen list you click screens and choose screen list.

(If you don't see this in the meny you don't have rights to access it. If that's the case please contact your admin. All admins are listed under home home.)



Activate new screen

At the top you will find a button to activate new screens. When you shall activate a new screen you enter the activation code that will appear on the screen if it's not activated.



Read more about you activate you player here 

Screen status

Under the activation button there is a box with a quick overview of all of your screens status.

If you scroll down to the list you will see exactly which screen is online/offline. Most often screens are offline because there is a problem with the internet connection or the screen is turned off.

To troubleshoot the network we have made a few guide to follow yourself.


Click here to go to the troubleshooting guides

Screen list

The rest of the page is the screen list with all your activated screens and information about these. 

  • Screen name. The name of the player.
  • Location that the player is connected to. 
  • The activated layout that the screen is using on the location.
  • Status of the screen if it is online or offline. You can altso see if the screen is connected with wifi or wired connection.(If the player is connected with wifi this icon is displayed: Screenshot_2020-01-21_at_11.12.16.png)
  • Unit What type of mediaplayer this screen are using.
  • MAC-adress. The MAC adress is used to identify the unit. The macadress is displayed during the startup of the screen so you know exactly which unit it is. 



If you want to change any of the settings of a unit click "..." and choose Settings.

(The "..." button is only visable when you hover over the row )


The follwing popout is displayed with these options:

  • Inactivate the screen. If you inactivate the screen you disconnect the unit from its license and you can use the license to another screen.
  • Change Screen name.
  • Change Location
  • Change Layout
  • Change Timezone
  • Restart the mediaplayer (Can only be done if the screen is online)
  • Invert screen rotation. Rotate the screen 180 degrees. (Can only be done if the screen is online)


Diagnostics screenshot

All users that have rights to the scren list can altso take screenshots of the players. Screenshots are not exactly the same as the preview. Screenshots is a screenshot that is sent from the player to the web interface. The preview is generated in your web browser and that can be different from the unit. 

If you want to take a screnshot on a unit click "..." and choose Settings.

(The "..." button is only visable when you hover over the row )

Click then Diagnostics


Inside of the diagnostics tool you can view oldscreenshots and take new.

Note! You can only take new screenshots if the screen is online.


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