Publish and use a QUICKnote template

This article goes through how to publish and fill in information in an already created QUICKnote template.

Create new and more QUICKnote templates by navigating to Menu> QUICKnote templates. Then select the layout and specific area for which you want to create a QUICKnote template. Learn more about creating new QUICKnote templates here.


Publish a template to a place or group

      1. Click Menu > Publish 

      2. select a group or a location to publish to.
      3. Click on the area in the layout to be updated.

      4. Click +Add new.

      5. select Templates.

        Select an already created template or use an empty QUICKnote template. The "empty QUICKnote template" option is only visible to users who have this viewing right. All QUICKnote templates created and saved for the current area appears as optional alternatives.

        Click on the template you want to use. In this example the "New colleague" template is used.



Overview of the QUICKnote tool with the "New colleague" template selected


  1. Field
    Fold out the field menu

  2. Settings
    Fold ut the settings menu

  3. Grid
    Activate/Deactivate the grid

  4. Undo
    Undo latest change

  5. Zoom
    Zoom in/out

  6. Title in the playlist
    Object name in playlist 

  7. Object name in playlist
    Object view time in playlist

  8. Publish
    Publish template and schedule

  9. Close
    Close without saving

  10. Files
    Fold out the media library

  11. Symbols/Forms





The construction of templates

A template is built up using fields. The fields that can be edited are marked with a dashed frame. The example below contains a text field and an image field that can be edited, while the title is locked and cannot be changed.

Whether a field is locked or editable depends on the template right setting in the current field. These settings are specified when building the QUICKnote template. If any setting options shown in the overview image above dosen´t appear, the template must first be unlocked. Unlocking a template can only be performed by those authorized to do so.

To edit a text field:

  1. Double-click the text field and change the text.edit_text.png


To edit an image field:

  1. Click the image field. The Change Image button, located at top center, will now be visible. If the image field already contains an image, any cropping may now appear outside the image field frame.
  2. Click Change Image. The file library opens up.
  3. Select an already uploaded image from any of your folders or upload a new image.


Crop an image in a image field

  1. Crop an image in an image field. Make sure both Croup Mode and Cropping Mode are enabled (the icons will turn blue).
  2. Grab one of the image's corner points and enlarge the image by dragging the corner point outward.
  3. All parts of the picture that is outside the image frame will turn grey. 
  4. When you're satisfied with the image size you can also drag and drop the image to change its location in the image field.
  5. Disable crop mode to give the image its new crop and location in the image field.
  6. Once you have filled in information in the fields you want to use click Publish in the upper right corner and proceed to the scheduling. Read more about scheduling here.


  • When cropping an image by dragging its headers zooms in the image. If the image has a lower resolution than the template's image field the image can be perceived as pixelized as it appears on a screen.
  • If you pull in an edge point instead of a corner point the picture will be scaled off disproportionately.
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