The power save mode allows you to set when you want your screen or screens to be powered on. To put the screen in a power save mode, for example when the office is closed, is good for the environment and prolongs the screens longevity. 


The power save mode are not supported on all screens. If you find that the screen doesn't power off or power on properly we recommend using the screens own power save mode instead.  

Activate the power save mode in PLAYipp Manager

  1. Click on screens and click publish to screens.
  2. Click on the place or group in the left hand side column that you want to activate the power save mode on.
    Choose the area. It doesn't matter which area you choose.

  3. Click the show more button and then click the power save mode.
  4. Use the schedule to activate the power save mode and when the screen will power on.

For more information about how the schedules works click here.

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