Overview of the publish view and the playlist

This article through all the functions and buttons that i available in the playlist and publish view

The playlist


In the playlist every object is shown in order and has a small preview, name, length and scheduling status.

scheduling status

The color of the scheduling status (1) determines if the object is shown.

Screen_Shot_2017-11-03_at_10.14.23.png Screen_Shot_2017-11-03_at_10.14.28.png
The object is active on screen. The object will be active until it is removed. The object is active on screen. The object will be active until that date.
Screen_Shot_2017-11-03_at_10.14.32.png Screen_Shot_2017-11-03_at_10.14.36.png
The object is scheduled to be shown on screen from the date in the schedule. The object is scheduled and finished, and will not show on screen anymore.

Active (Green) Objects are shown on screen ion the order that they are in the playlist. To rearrange the order of the objects. Drag them to the preferred order (2).(2).

If you hover over a object it will be marked and you can preview it and click show more (3) to get more options for that object.

To quickly edit name, length or schedule click on what you want to edit.(4).

Note - Activate playlist

When you have published a object or made a change it takes 3 minutes before it gets activated. on that time you have time to preview and to edits before it is shown on the screen. You can activate the playlist direct when you are done by clicking "activate playlist" at the bottom of the screen.

Overview of the publish view.


Click the picture for a larger view.

  1. Main menu
    Displays PLAYipp Managers other features, such as Tools.

  2. Screen location
    In the example Location 1 in the section House A been chosen.

  3. Preview
    Click to get a preview of the screen.

  4. Areas
    Click to change area on the screen. In the example the area Main Area is chosen.

  5. Playlist
    The playlist for "main area" with 2 published objects.
    Click on "..." to get editing options for the playlist.

  6. Locked object
    Locked objects is placed in a group and can't med edited in the location.
    In this example the object i located in the group "all screens". 
    Hover the object to get a shortcut to the group.

  7. Preview*
    Click to preview the object.
  8. Show more - Menu*
    Click to show more options such as, change name, remove, edit, inactivate, priority etc.
  9. Length
    Shows how long the object is shown on screen before the next is shown.

  10. Scheduling
    Enter a scheduling option.
    Press the button to edit the scheduling. For more info see article about scheduling.
  11. Add new
    Click to add a new object to the playlist.
    For more info se article about how to publish media objects and links.

  12. Side menu
    Show/hide the side menu (media library etc.).

  13. Settings
    Alter language, password

  14. Log out

    *) Hover over the object to show these alternatives.
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