The playlist

A screen always begins with the first active item at the top of the playlist. The item is displayed as long as the set play time. The first item shown in the playlist example below will be displayed for 10 seconds, the second will be displayed for 30 seconds and so on. Once the screen has shown the last active item in the playlist, it will start again from the top with the first item in the playlist.


To change the order that the items are displayed, use the handles Screenshot_2019-07-02_at_09.59.49.png on the left and drag and drop them into the desired order.
Items with a padlock cannot be moved or edited. This is because they belong to a screen group and can only be edited in that specific group. If you want to change the order of those items, then you have to go to the specific screen group and then drag and drop them in that playlist.

Content from screen groups will always appear last in the playlist.

overing over an object, will cause it to be highlighted and you can preview it as well as click on the “more options” iconScreenshot_2019-07-02_at_14.44.10.png  to bring up additional editing options.

Tip: To quickly edit names, play length or the schedule, you can click directly on the playlist.

Note – Activate the playlist

When you have published a new item and see it in the playlist, it takes three minutes for the item to become active. This allows you to preview it and make any changes before it is displayed on your screens. You can activate items immediately by clicking Activate the playlist now at the bottom of the screen as soon as you have made a change. This means that you do not have to wait for three minutes before an item becomes active as it immediately appears on screens according to its order in the playlist.


The color of the scheduler button shows whether the item is currently displayed, will be displayed, finished or deactivated.

The item is active and is being displayed. The item will be displayed until it is removed or disabled in the playlist.


The object is active and is now being displayed but has a schedule. The item will be displayed until the specified date.


The item is not currently displayed but is scheduled to be displayed from the specified date and time.


The item has been scheduled to finish and is no longer displayed on the screen.


The item has been deactivated by a user and is not currently displayed on screens. You can activate the item again by hovering over the item and pressing . Screenshot_2019-07-02_at_14.44.10.png


You can edit an object’s schedule by clicking the scheduling button and changing, adding or removing its schedule.

Click here to read more about scheduling


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