LG WebOS 3 (3.2 (3.2+)) - Troubleshooting your network


  • The material is not updated on the screen
  • It says "Connection lost" in some areas or all areas
  • Health status displays three red circles at startup.


There is 2 different versions Of LG WebOS 3! WebOs 3.0 and WebOS 3.2 (3.0+). There is 2 different guides for the 2 different versions. You find the guide for WebOS 3.0 here.

Wired Connection (Ethernet) Wireless Connection (Wi-Fi)

If 3 green circles appears on the screen when it starts up in Health Status, the media player's network have connection to our servers and the problem should be solved.

  1. Restart the screen. You can do this by pressing power and then power on the remote 

  2. Check that all cables are properly connected into the screen.

  3. Check the hub, switch or router that the player is connected to and  verify that it has a connection to the mediaplayer. 

  4. Verify that the network settings are correct by navigating to:
    Settings > General > Network. The screen will display a status message of the connection. 
    To show advanced settings click on Wired Connection (Ethernet).

  5. If the screen still can't access our servers i may need to additional configuration Static IP-adress, proxy, or mac address verification. Contact your local It-Technician. 

  6. If it still can't access the internet after point 1-5 a IT-technician needs to verify that port 80 and 443 is open to the ip range - ( -


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