Function - Information flow

An information feed collects posts from users and displays them in a widget. An information feed can be used to collect and display information from different departments of an organization or people in the field can report noteworthy information. Each post can contain text, images and the sender, and anyone who posts a post can also choose when the post should be published in the feed.

Publish to a feed

There are two different ways to publish to a feed. If you are a PLAYipp user, you can navigate to Functions > Information feed and choose your feed. You can then write a post and publish.


People can also be invited to publish to a feed without having to log in. They will receive an e-mail with a link to a page to write a post.

This e-mail can be arranged by a PLAYipp administrator to be automatically scheduled to be regularly sent to an event creator. It can be for example sent every other Monday at 10:00 or every Friday at 13:00.

Create a feed

To start using an information feed you must first create a new feed. Navigate to Functions > Information Feed > Create New Information Feed.

  1. Start by naming your feed.
    Give your feed a name that suitably describes it. Aug-15-2019_14-28-48.gif
  2. Enter contact person.
    The contact person is named in the e-mail that is sent to the users invited to use the source.
  3. Invite users.
    Add people by typing in their e-mail and names or selecting existing PLAYipp users.
  4. Set an e-mail schedule.
    If you invite a user, this person will automatically receive an email according to the schedule you set here.
  5. The source is ready.
    The source is now set up and in use. The invited users will receive an e-mail with information that a source has been created and that they have been invited.
  6. All you need to do now is create a widget that uses this source!

Click here to see how you publish a widget

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