Viewsonic CDE - Installation of the PLAYipp software


We recommend that you update to the latest firmware on the screens before you install our app! The latest firmware can be found here:

Installation of the PLAYipp software

To install the PLAYipp software you have to use a USB-drive. (This need to be formatted to FAT32).

Download and unzip this folder and place it in the root of the USB drive.


Click here to download the folder

  1. Connect the USB drive to the screen
  2. Start the screen
  3. Choose a language
  4. Connect to a network
  5. Choose "Import signage display from usb"
  6. Choose "Clone Media files from USB storage"
  7. Click on Finish
  8. Press home (the house) 1998 On the remote. (This need to be done in quick succession)
  9. Choose settings
  10. Choose Signage display > Custom app > Select app
  11. Choose PLAYipp Launcher and save
  12. Go back to the main menu (Back three times)
  13. Choose Apps > PLAYipp launcher
  14. Click on the home button on the remote and navigate to Advanced option > Power save and choose mode 3.
  15. If the media player is activated in PLAYipp manager the connected content will download and then be shown on the screen. If the media player is not activated in PLAYipp manager an activation code will be displayed on the screen.
    Read the article about Activation code for instructions on how to activate the media player to your account.
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